Best BCAA Supplements
Best BCAA Supplements

The Top Benefits Of L-Theanine Supplements

L-Theanine or Theanine is an amino acid naturally found in green tea. But not all of us can commit to a cup of green tea a day, thus a more convenient alternative is purchasing Theanine as a supplement. Researchers have discovered some core benefits of supplement with Theanine pills, which can bring a positive change to our health and lifestyles. 

The Benefits 

• Theanine capsules have proven to directly affect stress management in everyday living. Supplementing with Theanine can reduce stress levels immensely according to a study published in 2007. The supplement not only reduces stress levels but also reduces the chances of increased heart rate. 

• Theanine pills help boost immune levels in the body as well. On another medical study, the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine report of 2011, Theanine was found to increase the immunity of patients and help them fight the onsets or advancing of common flu.

•  According to a 2017 nutritional study, Theanine was proven to directly affect the health of our brains. Blending Theanine and caffeine helps improve cognitive performance especially in concentration. Theanine supplements will help improve alertness and accuracy in performing our day to day activities. 

• Dosing with Theanine pills can help control depression and anxiety. Theanine has antidepressant effects in its ingredients, which when used in the recommended dose helps fight panic attacks and the 'blue' mood. Theanine supplement is a good choice for patients recovering from addiction or trying to cope with a stressful situation. 

• If you have been trying to lose some weight, Theanine capsules could make the process go faster. A combination of caffeine and Theanine proves to prevent weight gain and cuts body fat by a huge percentage. Theanine capsules are purely natural and can be used with the current bodybuilding supplements you are using. 

• Theanine pills produce that 'feel good' experience we experience from endorphins. Theanine supplement contains traces of dopamine which when released into the body promotes the well being of a person.

• In a past Canadian study published in the widely celebrated Alternative Medicine Review, L-Theanine was found to have the ability to boost certain aspects of sleep quality in individuals with ADHD. 


Theanine supplement is completely natural and doesn't have any side effects when using daily. Theanine capsule can be found in physical drugstores or online. But make sure you buy them from a trusted website with good reviews.