Best BCAA Supplements
Best BCAA Supplements

Are BCAA Supplements Worth The Money For Fat Loss And Muscle Building?

Ask any athlete his pre and post workout protocol, and the list will include a BCAA supplement. In fact, according to bodybuilders, these amino acids are the vital substances that stand between success and failure in the gym. Every small advantage can make a difference, and supplements tend to be a make or break move. 

What exactly are amino acids?

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Of the 20 amino acids in your body, 9 are considered essential. As for your muscle tissue, three vital amino acids are crucial for you: leucine, isoleucine, and valine - these three make up to 33% of your muscle tissue. 

It has been documented that branched-chain amino acids (and especially leucine) will boost the synthesis of protein to a greater extent than normal proteins. BCAAs also increase cell synthesis, which means your cells can do protein synthesis faster.

The Advantages of BCAAs

Here are the top 10 benefits of these supplements:

BCAAs improve muscle protein synthesis 

BCAAs with high levels of leucine (which almost everyone has) promote the ability to build muscle as you age

BCAAs promote fat burning and sustainable fat loss

BCAAs promote the secretion of growth hormones

BCAAs can improve the development of strength

BCAAs reduce fatigue and improve endurance

BCAAs reduce muscle soreness

BCAAs reduce endurance exercise-related muscle loss

BCAAs improve the insulin response and can lower your diabetes risk

BCAAs boosts the immune system

How and when should I take BCAAs?

BCAA supplements are available in powder or pill form. Since the pills are often very large, most people prefer the powder form, but the pills are certainly quicker. BCAA powder is often enriched with different flavors, and it mixes easily with anything - including water.

The biggest question many athletes face is whether they should better take the BCAA supplements before or after a workout. BCAAs are basically protein, but with fewer calories. You can take them at any time. Many athletes also take their BCAAs at bedtime, which is absolutely fine because, unlike some other supplements, they have no effect on sleep. However, the most popular time for BCAAs is around the time you exercise. 

The supplement immediately enters the bloodstream and increases your energy and bodybuilders say it's best to be taken 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after a workout.

So Are They Worth The Money?

Yes, especially if you want to lose weight without losing muscle mass. A dietary supplement can give you a certain benefit, especially when you neglect your nutrition, and most people do. Most of us don't eat the required foods or get the required nutrients, which is important if you're trying to build muscle or lose weight.